Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bloom by Donna Louise (excerpt of one of my poems)



I sit
watching my days like clouds fading
from morning to evening

I sit wondering where are my 
dreams, my sunbeams of promises?

I think 
who will listen to 
my story?
who can I tell...
Someone stole my innocence
long, long ago
A small unfolded rosebud
sending out aromatic essence of bloom
wandering in the wind
Not expecting to be handled
Not wanting to be 
and cast 
cool winds whispering my name

I watched
as the sun spilled over the horizon
to caress my tender petals
Someone claimed my 
sweet breath too soon 

Fresh days of springtime
I was a spring garden
full of light, cool winds swaying
birds all in harmony
bees buzzing

I ran
so full of
expectancy and estacy
I ran into the face of life
Too young to know what it 
would bring me
Hot summer days
dogs barking
fear running up my legs
ringing loud in my head

I listened to
love songs
love poems
I listened to soft words
with clandestine meanings
Too young to know
tender plants need room 
to bloom
to rise and be strong 
Somebody picked me 
when I was just a rosebud

I wonder
Can I grow from here?
Will winter overtake me?
I wonder 
can I 
be a beautiful rose
in Autumn?
I see crimson tides
peeking over blue horizons
pouring liquid light all over me

I feel strong...
Sweet, gentle perfume
rolls off my
soft velvet petals
Penetrating the amber air
I’m in bloom

By Donna Louise