Wednesday, June 11, 2014




Why everybody so hard on the Black man?

I was only being curious.

Like all children.

I didn’t mean no harm

When I used to sneak into yo room at night

And touch you in all the wrong places.

You was curious too,

 cause you didn’t put up no fight.



I was a chil’e

Don’t try to blame dat mess on me.

Why was I da victim of yo curiosity.

Dey didn’t know,

dey couldn’t trust yall boys

Sleeping upstairs on the same flo

with us girls.

While they slept downstairs

Behind closed doors.

Parents better wake up.

Sometimes da Boogey man……

Is  yo uncle, yo brother, or yo couzin.

Why is everybody so hard on the Black man?

Maybe cause you need to take some responsibility

For all the pain you inflicted on me.

You had no right to awaken that part

Maybe my life wouldn’t of been

so full of promiscuity.

If you had just let me be,

 from the start.

I know we was kids and that was forty years ago or so.

So I choose today to let it go.

It’s been buried all this time inside of me

But now I lose it and set myself free.

No more victim mentality!




Why is everybody always so hard on the Black man?

I was too young to get married.

I just did it

Cause that was my baby you carried.

I didn’t want all that responsibility.

Yeah, I know I had a good job

But my money was for me.

I wa’nt bout to take care of no family.





Well then Nigga, you should of let me be.

I didn’t propose to you

You proposed to me.

I was better off with out yo sorry ass, anyway

To stupid to know

When you rejected me

That was just God settin me free.

Why was I so stupid

Loving you.

You was busy loving every body else.

You didn’t respect me

And you didn’t respect yo self.

Just a punk.

Took me eleven years to get over you

That’s how long it took for the Kool Aid to wear off,

I drank that syrupy sweet message every Sunday in church.

What God has joined together let no man put asunder.

Why we think God had somein to do with that mess,

I wonder.

Till God himself came to me in a dream.

He picked me up and took me across some mountains

Down south.

I was liftin my hands praising God.

When he spoke to me.

“ You have done all I asked you, except on thing.”

I heard God say.

Lord, what is it?

I promise to obey.

Then God left off talking.

But I saw my weddin ring

rise up off my hand

 and rise up to  the heavens.

My husband?

You want me to give up my husband?

Took me three years just to obey.

Guess you had my nose wide open,

As they say.

Living I the south with all that good ole hospitality

Had a nice, healing affect on me.

I thank God everyday for settin me free.