Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yestrday's Blues

Yesterday’s Blues  by Donna McKanders

Don’t cry Sister, don’t cry
Life ain’t supposed to be easy
I know you ask why
Don’t cry, not for long anyway
Why so much pain? Why so much sorrow?
Humph, Why not?

Sister, you got something inside of you
That you haven’t tapped into yet
That gifting will cost you some tears,
and sweat!

Don’t cry,  don’t cry too long
Get up from there and sing a pretty song
What kind of song you say?
A love song,
A song full of the blues you experienced

Sing a song that only sisters understand
Sing me a song Sister
Tell me about your pain
Share with me what you learned along the way
Make me laugh and cry and sing along

Sing me a song of the blues you experienced… yesterday
I’ll dance, and sing, and shout, and sway
sing me a song of yesterday's blues
And remember my Sister,
That was yesterday…