Wednesday, June 11, 2014




Waiting, anticipating, enduring,


Waiting for all my dreams to come true.

Waiting to see my destiny.

Waiting to become the woman, the mother, the wife I know I can be.


Anticipating the joy, the laughter, the excitement and wonder

Anticipating the dream that has been deferred, the life so longed after...

Anticipating what it must feel like to love, to be loved.

Anticipating birth...Our birth I've dreamed of.

The birth of unrepentant, undunting love


Enduring the pain of my choices, my decisions, my weaknesses.

Enduring a life I never asked for, nevertheless here it is.

Enduring his abuse, her neglect, Whippings as a child. Beatings as a wife.

Enduring the pain of my choices, her choices, his choices, this life.


Relaxing knowing I'm still on course, there will be no delay.

Relaxing knowing this is my time, my season, my predestined day.

Relaxing and feeling fine, at peace and content with you in mind.

Relaxing, living, breathing, giving, learning...


Awakening to the sun rising on the other side of this pain.

Awakening to a bright and shining horizon.

Awakening the singer,  the dancer, actor and poet, 

Awakening to a lesson well learned, life is my teacher,

 the classroom my journey.

Don't I know it.


The lesson is love, the greatest gift, the essence of being.

Well worth the pain endured along the way,

to know love, feel love, express love in a surreal way.

True love, pure love, is worth the wait you see,

For love, true love has awakened the true woman in me.