Friday, June 20, 2014

Black Girl © Part One

I was born at Mercy Hospital.
My mother was only twenty-one years old.
She was supposed to have a hysterectomy a year before I was born.
This is what I was told.
When my sister Belinda was born
Momma started bleeding on the operating table.
The Nuns at Mercy Hospital cried
"Hold on honey, we are going to get you through this
Just believe God is able."

Daddy was a storefront preacher.
He had secrets that nobody would ever believe to be true.
To tell the truth, we all have secrets.
I may share some of mine, here with you.

When Belinda was four months old,
Momma found out another baby she carried.
First there was Larry
born nine months after momma and daddy got married.
Junior came twelve months later.
Then along came Belinda with all the drama.
It was called a placenta previa pregnancy,
designed to kill my momma.
And then there was me.

Daddy was a Jack of all trades.
He worked for the government as a mechanic fixing airplanes.
But that's not all he could do.
Daddy could do plumbing, electrical wiring, and carpentry work too.
He could even preach and teach.
The only thing daddy couldn't do
was love his family like the bible tells us to.

Husbands love you wives as
Christ loved the church and gave himself for her.
Well as far as I can tell,
a man is supposed to love his wife so much that he will die for her.
Die for your wife, now that is a concept that we need to explore further.

Eve was the first wife on the planet.
Her husband Adam was God's crowning creation
sent on a special mission
to populate the earth with sons and daughters of God.
To do this Adam needed a wife.
So almighty God put Adam to sleep on his operating table
and took from his side a rib bone.
From this rib bone, God created woman.
She was created to help man.
They were both part of the eternal plan.

Now before time began there existed a heavenly kingdom.
Almighty God created every creature that inhabited this land.
Angels, seraphim, cherubim and all sorts of living creatures.
The most beautiful of them all
was Lucifer the Angel of worship.
This magnificent creature was a living symphony.
He covered the very throne of God with living music that filled eternity.
Everything in heaven is alive, moving, glowing,
giving praise to the him who is All-seeing, Ever Present, All Knowing.
Lucifer was illuminated with light, as were all the other sons of God.
When he moved the music within him gave praise
in majestic melody to the one who sits on the throne.
For he is God, God alone.

Lucifer danced and sang, and music leaped off of him like
spiced perfume flowing throughout the kingdom of heaven.
As he worshiped, all the other angels joined in and all of the kingdom
bowed before the throne of the heavenly king.
Roses, calla lilies and violets all joined in to sing
praises to the Most High King.
And the worship leader of heaven began to soak it all in
as if he was the object of their worship.
This was the first sin.
His glorious beauty became his doom.
He wanted all the worship displayed in this heavenly throne room.
Here we see the conception and birth of pride
festering on the inside,
unable to be seen,
but not hidden from the heavenly King.

This beautiful creature got the thought in his head
to take over the kingdom, but he was banished instead.
He convinced one hundred billion angels to perpetrate the coup.
And all of his cohorts were banished too.
Exiled, shamed, kicked out of God's heavenly domain.

Michael the Arch Angel led the army of heaven
as they fought Lucifer and his demented horde.
And conquered them in the name of the Lord.
They fell like lightning!
From heaven to earth they fell
and on their way down their light turned to darkness,
their glory to shame,
they became brute beast,
deformed creatures, unworthy to bear heaven's name.
This exiled traitor set up his kingdom of darkness in the air.
He plotted to rule the earth from his evil lair.

Now God placed Adam and his wife in a garden called Eden.
They were living souls infused with eternal life.
Within that life giving essence was true love,
the heavenly kind, that says I am yours and you are mine.
Adam loved his wife and she loved him too.
Living and loving is what they were created to do.

God visited Adam in the garden and they walked together in eternity
In this special time of learning from the King
Adam named every living creature and every creeping thing.
He walked and talked with God in the cool of the day until one day Satan
fooled his wife into wanting to be like God.
This is called the pride of life.
So she ate from the tree that had been forbidden to partake of.
And Adam ate too.
He did it for love.
You see because of the long talks he had with his master
he knew that this act would cause cataclysmic disaster.

Eve was now death doomed, mortal, merely human.
She had to die for her disobedience he knew this was true.
So he partook of the forbidden fruit and chose to die too.
Adam looked down through time and his eternal eyes could see,
one day a savior would come and set the human race free.
He was the second and last Adam, the Son of Almighty God.
On the head of the enemy he would surely trod.

Why would this God man give his life.
Because before time began he died for his wife.
God took this act of love and wrapped it in time
and set the clock and watched it unwind.

You and I were part of the plan
to regain glory and honor for mortal man.
So listen to my story that I choose to share
and dig deep inside you'll find yourself there.
Where, you ask?
In the book that was written before time began
when God chose to defeat Satan by using mortal man.

To be continued