Thursday, June 19, 2014

A New Day Dawning

Welcome to your new day
It has been on its way since creation
and awaiting your arrival
Many things have tried to stop you from seeing this day
The family you were born into
The man you married when you were too young to know better
The time you tried to end it all because of all the abuse
But God had his hand on you
You came through many tests and trials
Storms, sorrow and shame
But you made it in Jesus name!
So be glad and rejoice
This is your day because you made a choice
to believe God in spite of the odds
Mountains got in your way but you learned how to make them obey
Speak to the mountain, speak to the mountain, speak to the mountain Move!
And they did!
Weapons came against you
And you spoke to them too
I declare and decree that no weapon shall prosper that is formed against me!
They were formed but they did not prosper!
You climbed higher and higher with every test
Now you are destined to receive the best
that God has prepared for you
All because you chose to believe that
What God has promised he is able to do
Welcome to your day
You passed your test
Now its time to be blessed, blessed, blessed
The best is yet to come
Step into a brand new day
The glory shall be shown and known
Take mountains, take kingdoms, 
This is your predestined day
There will be no delay!