Saturday, June 21, 2014

Night Season

Night season shrouded me like a heavy garment
and choked me like thick smoke
My breath escaped this earthen vessel
and sang a song of despair
My tears flowed like streams in the desert
and carried me to a place, a secret place
I found hope there

Night season stalked me like a jealous lover
You will never find another
I will follow you all of your days
Smother you, cover you
Never release my hand
He chased me like a ravenous beast. I ran,
crawled and climbed into the secret place
There I found peace

He wooed me into his bosom again
He had me in his grip
His waters came rushing in
like a mountainous wave
Lifting me up and crashing me to the ground
I lay there broken, gasping for breath, life, relief
I fell down, down, down
Too much pain
I feel like I'm going insane

I saw the earth open and heard these words spoken
Just give in, you can not win
I have reigned since the beginning of time
You belong to me your soul is mine
In desperation I heard my spirit say
Speak to the mountain
Speak to the mountain
Speak to the mountain MOVE!

To the mountain I began to say
You are not my master
I will not fall into your pit
You don't own my soul
You cannot win, I relinquish your control

Healing rays lifted me up from where I had fallen
I remembered my time
In the secret place
And my soul sang, my soul sang, my soul sang...
There is no darkness in the secret place
Only the light of the Son
I will walk in the light of day

Night season began to melt away
I saw mountains move, shimmy, shake and sway
Dark shadows ran from the light with shrieks of fear
As my song filled the atmosphere

Day season flashed like lightning from the east
I heard him say
My child Its going to be a bright sun shiny day,
you have conquered your beast

Day season promised never to leave or forsake me
Into his secret place he lifted and carried me
There we reign together in glorious victory
There is a secret place to those who seek his face
Seek his face and find the secret place