Sunday, June 1, 2014


We were young and in love
I dreamed bout him
He dreamed about me
I promise I will always love you 
One day we'll become a happy family

I gave him my heart
from the very start
Nobody told me to
guard your heart
Don't let anyone
take control
of your soul

He was my life
my everything!
Just when he knew he had me
He became malicious,
malcontent, menacing

I got out just in time
to recapture my youth
search for happiness,

I lifted up my eyes
to the warmth of the Son
surrounding me
caressing me
strengthening and
healing my soul

Life  taught me to fight on
Through every storm
When it hurt so bad
I learned to
stand up straight
and lift up my head

I know that I can't do it alone
I need to trust God
his arms are strong
Strong enough to rescue me
from every clandestine

Why is he after me?
Must be something
I can't yet see
hidden in
this life
you gave to me

After all the tests, storms and pain
I learned to live and love again
Throw up my hands
and run
Run to the plan
That was predestined for me
Before my life began

There's a rainbow at the end of your test
It is reserved for those
Who suffer a while
but don't quit
It's full of precious promises
Stored up for you
And dreams that really do come true

Never give up
Never give in
Be invincible
You win!

If you keep going forward
Keep your head up
Keep growing and
Never ever stop
You will look around
and find yourself on top

That's why  the road was so rough
the test was so hard
You were bullied

It was all to make you give up
and not finish
your journey
there is a reward
on the other side of the rainbow
It's your manifested destiny!

Never give up
Never give in
Be invincible
You win!