Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings
Mothers everywhere
Drag their kids out of bed
With no time to spare

Wash up!
Get dressed!
Gotta comb yo' head!
No time for breakfast
Here, eat this candy bar instead

I sing in the choir
and serve on the usher board
Need to get there on time
Praise the Lord!

Remember Pastor said
If all you do is sit on the pew
You gone miss heaven
'Cause God don't know you

Woman, why you believe everything that Pastor say?
Told you I saw him on the corner of Woodward and Six Mile just the other day

Leonard! You keep talking like that God goin' to strike you dead
The man of God ain't never been in no prostitute's bed!

He up there preaching against sin
And I know he sleepin wit Susie, Debra and Gwen!
Why you think the pastor so saved?
His family living like kings and queens
While you caint eat nothing but pork and beans

My pastor is a righteous man
He said it's time to go in and possess the land

Well don't put none of my hard earned money in his hand
He jus pimpin' y'all with all his highfalutin' living
You just caint see it cause you been tricked into giving

Every dime that comes into yo' hand
You runs to the church and give it to that man
He done lost one church building
He ain't righteous, just greedy
Now you follows him to another!
Cause you so needy
He just a pimp undercover!

Leonard! You ought to be a shame
I rebuke you devil, in Jesus name!

Woman read yo' bible you will see
God said in the last days thats how things would be
Preachers talking about how they rich
When they naked, rachet and po'
If you study for yo'self, you would know
that you part of the Laodicean church
Just too blind to see
Think I'm the devil
When the devil is he
The preacher man
Full of adultery

Never content
every dollar y'all give him
Already spent
His wife wears a new dress every Sunday
and the church going into foreclosure on next Monday
While you shopping at the Goodwill
and caint pay yo cell phone bill

God wrote you some letters in this here book
When you gone sit down and take a look?
You been brain washed by men wearing backwards collars
They'll even sell you a prophecy for fifty dollars

Now don't get me wrong
They ain't all con-men
Just the covert ones
laden in sin

I pray one day God opens yo' eyes
If not, In heaven there will be a big surprise
The preacher went to hell and so did his wife
Cause they devoured widow's houses in this here life