Friday, June 13, 2014

Winters Coming


It's Fall, and the leaves are changing color-
so is my hair,
The sun falls asleep earlier
                                                              So do I,

                                           Thoughts of winter linger in the wind,
Cool breezes, clandestine voices,
peeking in the windows of my mind.
Every morning another branch is almost empty-
Why did the leaves have to fall,
so soon, too soon?

Must get my work done,
I here wisdom say with the rising of the sun,
Winter don't wait for no one.
Wasn't thinking about winter ,
in summer.
didn't think about nothing,
in Spring.

Clouds dancing, earth turning, sun burning up the oceans,
and sending it all back in refreshing rain.
No sorrows, no worries, no cares, no pain,
Spring, you taught me to sing.

Little Sally Walker sitting in a saucer,
Rise sally rise, wipe yo weeping eyes.

Summer came like a mighty conqueror,
All dressed up in armor,
Hot and sultry, long jubilant days,
pushing back the darkness, resisting the light of the moon,
didn't know it couldn't last forever.
Fall came too soon,
and winter's on her trail.

Rise Sally rise, wipe yo weeping eyes,
Put your hand on yo hip and let yo back bone slip.
Not ready for winter,
got things to do.
Ain't got nothing to lose,
don't have time for no sad song.
Ain't singin the blues.
The sun gets up every morning,
so do I.
singing, Glory Halleluiah,
So do I,

Time for living, got a promise to see.
Fall is just another season,
To fulfill my destiny.
Tell winter he'll have to wait,
Me and destiny got a predetermined date.
I'm not early or late.

It's my season,
in the Fall of my life.

Aw shake it to the east,
Aw shake it to the west,
Aw shake it to the very one,
That you love the best.

I see pretty gifts falling like snow flakes
all wrapped up in sparkling, glistening paper dreams.
And long cozy nights, filled with sober, warm conversations.

Awakening to birds singing.
The sun beaming,
sending rays of wisdom.
that only winter can comprehend.