Friday, June 27, 2014

The Greatest Gift ©

You were not the most handsome man
Nor were you the kindest
You had eyes full of pain
Sad, sad eyes
Anger was your constant companion
Why were you so angry Flyn?
Who hurt you so deeply?
Sometimes when I looked at you
I saw a hurting child
I wanted to wrap my arms around you
and hold you close for a while
But you wouldn't let me

You never let me in
Your pain was deep and dark
I wish I knew how to love you
I wish I knew how to soothe you
You made me cry
Your cruel words
Hard looks
Silence, violence
You hurt me so deeply
When I swallowed the bottle of pain pills
I really did want to die

I couldn't let death win
I had to fight
You were my best teacher
I cried out to God day and night
The years passed and
you never changed
But I grew stronger everyday
My faith in God did not sway

I wish I could have loved you past
the hatred of your stepfather
your childhood pain
drug addiction

You never learned to conquer your demons
When you died
I cried day and night
I cried
because I love you still
I love you Flyn
I always will

You taught me that love covers
a multitude of faults
Love is the strongest force on
the face of the earth
Love last forever
transcends this life
heals every hurt
eases every pain
When all else is gone
Love remains
Thank you for teaching me
the greatest gift is love

Flynard Cunningham
May 15, 1949 - August 9, 2013