Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today I Set Before You an Open Door

What a difference a day makes
Yesterday, it all seemed so simple
Running, with lifted arms
Praising God, for life, youth, love
Nothing to stop me
No barriers, no past to be paralyzed by,
My life was an empty canvas

A big old road block named Trouble,
got in my way
Never met him before
He followed me everywhere I went,
Mostly I saw his shadow
Creeping around every door
What you want?
Why you following me?

I thought I heard Trouble say,
I want your future,
your destiny
Every move I make,
Trouble is mocking me
You caint rise up, might as well stop tryin'
I stopped your Momma, your Daddy,
your cousins and them
You might as well give in,
You caint win

I tried to look Trouble in the eye
I couldn’t find him anywhere,
Just his shadow
You just an illusion
Causing confusion
A shadow of something
already defeated
Under my feet

Today is a brand new day
Ain’t nothing gonna stop me
Cause I'm not afraid any more
I see before me an open door
I’m walking through it this time.
Into my destiny…