Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Church Folk

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"Service was beautiful today, Pastor really preached..."
"Did you take the test?"
“Not yet"
"You’re supposed to take it first thing in the morning"
"Girl not any more I can pee on the stick anytime and it will tell me if I'm pregnant or not" 

Wanda and Dawn rush to Wanda's car. 
"Slow down, what is the hurry?"
"I can't wait to find out if you are pregnant or not"
Dawn flushed the toilet as she came out of the bathroom.
"It has a pink line, I guess I'm pregnant" Dawn burst into tears.
"Why are you crying?"

"My granddaddy would turn over in his grave if he knew that I'm pregnant out of wedlock" "What? Out of wedlock! Girl nobody says that anymore. God is the giver of life, the angels in heaven are rejoicing."

 (Back at the church)
Tameka whispers to Freddie and Dana-
"Did you hear Dawn and Wanda?"
"No, I wasn't listening"
"She asked her if she took the test"
"What test?"
"I bet she's pregnant"
"And if she is its none of your business"
"My daddy would put her out of the church if he was alive"
"That’s why he is not alive, putting people out of the church for being human, God don't like ugly, even if it’s the Pastor"
"This is a holiness church, if they can't live holy then they can leave"
"You act like God is mad at us for being human, we all have a purpose, and if Dawn is pregnant then that child has a God given purpose"

 (Flash back)

Five year old Tameka ran into the living room.
"I'm telling mommy and daddy on you, you peed on me!"
"Please don't tell" cried Junior.
"MOMMY!! Junior peed on me"
"Junior did what?!"
"He asked me if I wanted to know how to make babies, then he said now lay down and take off your panties. Then he laid on my butt and peed on me!"

 Johnny, Tameka's daddy tied eight year old Junior to the bedpost, and beat him with an extension cord. He beat him for half an hour. Finally, Jean could not take her son's screams any longer. "Johnny that’s enough, stop it right now!"

Tameka never told on Junior again, she was afraid that her daddy would kill him next time. Junior touched Tameka in her sleep when she was six. He peeked through the crack in the bathroom door when she was seven. He pulled her dress up and ran, when she was eight. By the time Tameka was nine...she rolled up her skirt and switched her hips from left to right when she walked (when her mother and father were not looking). On the first day of school at Webber Junior High, Tameka walked into Mrs. Williams' homeroom class and sat in the seat next to Brian Williams. (Brian had the deepest dimples and his big afro made him look like Michael Jackson). She hiked up her skirt before she sat down. She folded her legs and smiled. Everything about twelve year old Tameka was sensual, her smile, her laugh, the way she rolled her eyes...she stuffed her bra and painted her lips red to feel pretty, sexy, wanted.

 "All these young people think about is sex; Sex, sex, sex. Then they come to church and sing in the choir like they are little angels."

"You know Tameka, The church is just where the young people should be, they need love, unconditional love, and if the church doesn't show them that kind of love then what are we here for?"

Tameka bowed her head and prayed over her food, in a loud voice.
"Lord we thank you for this food we are about to receive for the nourishment of our bodies in Jesus name Amen." 
Everyone in the restaurant looked embarrassed or annoyed.

"Why do you have to parade your holiness, Tameka?"
"I am a child of God I don't care who knows it. How is James acting?"
"He came home from work yesterday and cussed me and the girls out."
 "For what?'
"He never needs a reason, he just cusses and fusses, I think he is trying to drive us crazy."