Monday, July 7, 2014

After All

After all the drama
after all the tears
I still love you after all these years

After all the days
of laughter and pain
My love for you still remains

When all is done
and my life carries on
I find that there is so much more to love, after all

I gave you all that I had to give
And you still left me
After all

Now I can live
I know there is someone
who will love me

with all my history
Loving you set me free
After all

Free to look a little closer
a little deeper
Inside myself

There I found when love fails
and lonely days turn to lonely nights
I'm still here, after all

True love found me
and set me free
now I know that

Love is good, after all
I found love, after all
I'm alive, after all

To love again, after all