Saturday, July 5, 2014

Black Girl © - Part Two

You see in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve made the choice
to no longer hearken to God's voice,
their once eternal bodies started to decay.
Only one command had God given to man to obey,
or there would be a price to pay.

Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
or death will be your consequence.
And every, man, woman, boy and girl
has been born into the death cycle ever since
that fatal day when Adam and Eve began to know, see, and feel
the knowledge of all things good and evil.

The first death experienced by the new born human race
was the murder of Abel the son of Adam and Eve,
by the hands of his twin brother, Cain.
From that day forward the human race would know
sin, sorrow, hatred and shame.
So Adam made love to his wife Eve to ease her pain.

Their son Abel was dead
and Cain to the wilderness had fled
from all who dared to avenge the death of his brother.
At this time men and women lived for hundreds of years
as they married and intermarried to populate the planet.
For God's initial purpose for man still stood in tack.
He created the earth for mankind to dominate.
That's a fact.

Eve conceived and gave birth to another son.
She named him Seth, for now that her godly seed Abel was dead
Seth was given to her by God in his stead.

Now back in the garden when Satan tempted man to sin.
God pronounced a curse upon all men and women.
The woman would be subject to her husband and bring forth children in pain.
And the earth would forever cause man's strength to wane.
By the sweat of your brow will you till the land, it will resist you, until it
brings you down to the ground from whence you came.
For dust you are and to the dust you shall return.

God cursed the earth to bring forth thorns, briers and weeds.
He cursed the serpent that Satan had hidden inside of when he spoke to Eve.
And He cursed Satan for his plan to deceive.
And you, Satan, will be crushed by the woman's seed,
for your part in this dubious deed.
Her seed shall crush your head and you shall bruise his heel.
This curse caused the planet to roll, rock and reel.

Satan set up Principalities in the regions of the air.
and plotted to rule God's creation from his evil lair,
Each Principality had control over appointed regions,
as they controlled men by harassing their souls with demons.
These demons entered the bodies of mankind by legions.
And God's creation became demented, ungodly, wicked indeed,
as Satan tried to contaminate every godly seed.
I must destroy the seed of the woman, for by her seed I am doomed.

So man grew more and more wicked and violent.
Until God looked at man and his condition caused him to repent.
I repent that I ever made man.
But God had a plan.
I will send a flood to destroy the wicked.
And I will repopulate the planet with one godly seed.

Now Noah the descendant of Seth was uncontaminated, upright, godly indeed.
Noah and his wife had three married sons.
So he preached to his wife and children and all who would listen.
Come into the ark because its going to rain
He preached the same message again and again.
And warned all to repent and come into the ark of safety
or bear the wrath of an angry God on that dreadful day when
the flood gates of heaven will open
and pour out a deluge upon the land.

Well you know the story.
Not one soul outside of Noah's family paid him any attention.
They cursed God and Noah and all of his children.
So God sent angels to gather ten of every clean beast in the field
and two of every unclean, male and female.
It was a glorious scene.
When all the animals came into the ark of safety as the flood gates of heaven
were torn open and God cried for fallen man.
Satan watched from his evil lair and laughed and laughed
because he thought he had won.
What Satan didn't realize is that God had a plan to once again restore fallen man.
By sending his Son.

And in the process of time a virgin named Mary
was told by an angel that the savior she would carry.
The seed of the woman who would crush Satan's head.
So Satan plotted and schemed as he yelled to his demons
I want him DEAD!
And Jesus the Son of God died on a cross on Golgotha's hill
His blood was shed and ran down like a mighty stream,
it was all part of God's perfect will.
When Satan and his imps saw it they began to curse and scream.

The blood of Jesus traveled through time and eternity
and its power set the captives free.
As they became son's and daughters of God.
And on the head of the enemy they would trod.

On the third day Jesus was resurrected.
This is certainly not what Satan expected
when he plotted to have him betrayed, beaten and killed.
He had no idea of the harvest the resurrection would yield.
Jesus told his followers to preach the good news until the whole earth was filled
with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
And they preached until one day the good news made it to me.

A little black girl living in the ghetto,
from a broken home and a broken life
whose daddy was a preacher who beat his wife.
But God had a plan.

To be continued