Saturday, July 12, 2014

Never Give up on Love ©

If I gave up every time it got too hard
If I ran away from pain
If I quit because nothing went right
or gave in to weariness
Then, I would just give up on love

And never experience your kiss

If I let bitterness eat away on the inside
If I remained angry and chose not to forgive
If I forget to laugh,
and take myself too seriously, refusing to live
Then you would run like hell when you met me

And never experience my kiss

If I learn from the pain of yesterday
If I decide to go on and live anyway
If I dry my tears and grow from the experience
Then I will know in my heart to
Never give up on love

Can't wait to meet you and experience true love's kiss

If you never give up on love
If you wait until it comes again
Then because of your last love, or lost love,
you will know when you find the best love
It's on the way and when it finds you it will stay

If you believe in love,
never give up it's worth the wait
This kind of love you don't want to miss
Can't wait to share our first kiss
'Cause we never gave up on love...

Never give up
Never give up
Never give up on love