Saturday, July 12, 2014

Keep Dreaming

There comes a time when nobody believes in you
and you have to walk alone
Because the dream inside of you must remain hidden
until the day, the time, the appointed season

For your dreams to come true
you have to endure the testing of your faith
and remember all the dreams and intuitive thoughts
that brought you to this place

When there is no one else to lean on, or cry to
but you choose to hold on, fight on, continue
Then that small dream begins to come into fruition
And it grows and grows and blooms

It's bigger than you think, because it's your purpose
You were the one who waited in faith, persevered in trials,
longed in secret, and dared to keep dreaming
when it was only a feeling on the inside

And because you held on through all the storms
Your dream like a baby in the womb
pushed its way through until that predestined day
when you stepped into your purpose and your dream was born

You gave birth to your dream
Now is the time to do all you were created to do
Your struggle made you strong enough to see it through
Now you know dreams really do come true

There's so much more, you only scratched the surface
Your best days are ahead of you, more dreams are coming
bigger than the first, because when you had nothing
you dared to believe in one small dream and walk alone

Your lonely days are gone
You passed the tests, it's time to enter into your rest
He saved the best for last,
your latter will be greater than your past