Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Love is

It is the feeling I get when I see a rainbow
It is the song inside my soul when I think about you
It is the sound of birds singing in spring
The sun rising in the morning
It is my daddy's smile when I was a child

It is your touch when our first baby was born
It is the warmth of your caress
with my face upon your chest
Love is all these things and more

It is tenderness, a kind word, a helping hand
Words not spoken but understood
It is the look in your eyes when my heart was broken
Love is all these things and more

It is forgetting the hard times, the hurt and pain
and deciding to start over and live again
Love is more than romance
More than simple pleasure

Love is my choice to care about you
Even after all you put me through
I'm still in love with you
Love is forever

One day I will see you again my friend