Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Days Full of Sunshine ©

Cute little puppies and chunky little girls
Daddies full of kindness and
Mommies who'll give you the world

Happy days full of sunshine
playing on my backyard swing
That's what childhood in the city brings

Memories of days gone by
Laughter, hot dogs and Kool Aid
Hot sun shinning, kids sitting in the shade

Red light, green light. Mother may I, freeze tag, hide and seek
Rock teacher, jacks, jump rope, monkey in the middle
That's how memories are made

I can never go back and live that
joyful, happy life again
But I can share it today with my own children

Mommy can I go out and play?
Sure baby, but can I play too?
I have some memories I want to create with you

Happy days full of sunshine